Astronomy compels the soul to look upward..and lead us from this world to another.


Curious Universe is proud to bring you a brand new spin on Astronomy. A podcast that focuses on everything and anything in the known (and unknown) universe. The show’s passionate and enthusiastic host, Moreno Scatozza, invites you on an exciting journey of discovery. whether you are new to Astronomy and want to learn more, or have  PHD in Physics, we want you to tune in and speak your mind.

Every podcast, a new discussion and a new topic will be brought to the table. With research mixed with imagination, Moreno will take you to places in this super colossal universe that you thought never existed.

Talking with the most exhilarating minds, (that means you!) we will bring light to the most explained and unexplained topics that you will ever hear. So go ahead, be curious!



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Moreno Scatozza

Moreno Scatozza

Host of Curious Universe

Moreno graduated with a Digital Film Degree in Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada. Now focusing on Astrobiology and Super-Earths, Moreno volunteers his time for Planet Hunters. (an organization that primarily search for Exoplanets) He is very passionate and enthusiastic about Astronomy and never wants to stop learning about the Cosmos.

“With my eyes and thoughts always looking up at the sky, my mind wanders about our place among the stars.”

 “The universe has more possibilities then our imagination alone, and that is what keeps me Curious.”

                                                                         -Moreno Scatozza

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